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Re: Debian/m68k web pages

>> Does Debian/m68k run on anything earlier than a 68020?
>I don't know.  The FAQ says Linux/m68k won't run on anything less than
>a 68020, because anything else can't/doesn't have a PMMU (hmm).  Also
>all the code has been compiled with the assumption that we are using
>at least an 020, which will presumably break things for an 000 or 010
>based machine...

The Debian binaries would probably run fine (well, most of them
anyway), the extra 020 instructions are emulatable at worst. The
problem with the 68010 is that it only has 16 MB address space (which
is a tight fit even for linux). If you find a box with a 68012 in it,
it might be an interesting project to port linux to. That chip is a
68010, but it has 2GB of address space, which should be more than
enough. The only 68000 series which are "impossible" to port linux to
are the 68000 and 68008, since they lack the ability to restart an
instruction after an exception (which Sun (I think it was Sun anyway)
got around by using two CPUs. In the same box. The were half a clock
out of phase, if one faulted, they'd halt the one that lagged, take
care of the fault and continue with the CPU that faulted half a clock

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