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Publicity: pending blogposts to be scheduled/published

Dear all
These are my ideas for publicity bits to be written during this week,
and published when you decide.

1.- Blog post at bits.debian.org for last set of sponsors, similar to
the already published ones.

This one I can prepare it. Please say *when you want it published* and
I'll coordinate with Ana.

2.-  Blog post for blog.debconf about "DebConf15 is almost here!"
Ideas: Thanks to sponsors (link to the 3 blogposts in bits? Just say all
their names, grouped in levels?), reminder to attendants to read their
mail and coordinate accomodation etc, some numbers: of attendants,
number of talks, keynotes, whatever..., volunteers for video team needed

Please mention anything you want in this blog post, I'm quite lost at
this moment about what info should be published.

3.- Reproduce somewhere the article that was sent to the German press?
(In English)
I don't know anything about this, but I think that it could be
reproduced in a Debian-media, or at least linked to it (in the Press
coverage page? in the above blog post?)

4.- Anything else we want to publish before debconf?

5.- My brain is melting with this hot. I'll send links to the drafts,
any kind of review before publishing is highly appreciated.

6.- I'll try to begin the preparation of the DebConf coverage itself
("welcome to DebConf15", "Debian Birthday", microblogging, etc) but I
won't be available during August so I suppose somebody else from DebConf
team should coordinate and help the Publicity team during the conference
(and some days before/after). Please send mail to
debian-publicity@lists.debian.org with anything you need/volunteer.


Laura Arjona

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