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Re: Buying less than 100 % food in HD

also sprach Richard Hartmann <richih.mailinglist@gmail.com> [2014-04-10 19:30 +0200]:
> Assuming we can give away unused food so waste is not the issue:
> what are the realistic savings? What are values from the past?

5 € / uneaten meal. I don't have values from the past.

> And can't we just work on honor? You pay, you eat. We trust DDs with
> more than that...

We can trust DDs to do that, but we cannot really expect the hostel to
trust them, can we?

> Can the hostel really only plan a month in advance? This luxury is
> unusual, normally they will have more volatile bookings.

They want rough numbers 4 weeks and exact numbers one week in advance.
They have an error margin, and they can probably heat up emergency
portions, but they don't want us to plan with those.

> Can we not order X portions and see how many those feed? German
> portions are large.

We'll see on 3 May…

> And Vaumarcus had backup food when planning was wrong. Just whip up
> noodles or bread and cheese.

Sure, and there are some restaurants nearby, and the bistro.

> This all feels complicated...

Want to take over? ;)

It's really not complicated per se. The complication arises from the
fact that I am trying to negotiate a way by which we don't have to pay
for food we know we won't eat, and that's not easy to do.

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