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Re: Buying less than 100 % food in HD


On Wed, Apr 09, 2014 at 04:51:55PM +0200, martin f krafft wrote:
> I managed to negotiate the option to not buy 100 % food during
> DebConf. Put differently: as I am assuming that not every attendant
> will eat every meal every day,¹ it would be silly if we had to pay
> for their food, which would then get thrown out.
>   ¹) I expect some not to eat at times (e.g. sleeping through
>   breakfast), and others to head to town for dinner, especially
>   later in the week
> So, we can now tell the youth hostel 4 weeks in advance something
> like: on Thursday and Friday, only 270 people will eat dinner
> (instead of 350), and pay (350-270)*5 == 400 € less.

Does that also mean we have to tell them how many vegetarian meals etc.
we need that day?

Also, we might have some trouble coming up with final numbers four or
even one week in advance unless we close registration early.

I would assume quite a few people from nearby might decide on the spot.
Even if they don't get sponsored food, telling them there's no food at
all might be problematic, especially for lunch, not sure.

> However, there's a condition: *we* need to ensure that in this case,
> only 270 people eat dinner.
> This raises two questions:
>   1. How do we determine the numbers for each day/meal ahead of
>      time?
>   2. How do we ensure that only X people eat if we only said
>      X people would eat?

Assuming this will be a buffet, one possibilty (and I am not saying we
should necessarily do this) would be to tell the hostel staff the
numbers, so they prepare for so-and-so-many people.

If food is up - tough luck for everybody who did not have enough. (or
mabye they get some vouchers to catch food nearby).  In that case,
another question is whether we would communicate this to the attendees.


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