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Re: badges

On 08/13/2014 12:47 AM, Didier 'OdyX' Raboud wrote:
Just as a set of facts, here's what we did for DC13:

* Get a small PTouch QL580N label printer with transparent label tape

Ah-ha... a dedicated label printer!
That is an important detail that was lost in last night's discussion.

* Get "enough" A7-sized two-sided coloured badges for the three attendee
   types (Organizer, Volunteer, Attendee), including some DC13-branding.
   In fact we ordered A6-sized one-sided with two badges and folded them,
   that ended up cheaper. [0]

Ah-ha... sounds like you had the blank badges mass-printed by a printshop.
That is another important detail that was lost in last night's discussion.

The plan here, as I understand it, is to have Tony print the blank badge
stock himself on a color printer at work --- in which case it is not much
more work to print the user-specific information simultaneously (e.g.,
he has to "lpr badges*.pdf" instead of printing 50 copies of "blanks.pdf").
Certainly less work than printing 300 blank badges, printing 300 labels
on sheets of n-up label stock, and then getting a roomful of monkeys to
put the labels on the badges.

300 * 1 minute = 5 hours of tedium in aggregate

* We printed most attendees' labels, sticked them on the badges
   backgrounds and inserted them in the badgeholders before the main
   arrival day.


All-in-all, I think that worked quite well and having label-less badge
backgrounds turned out to be quite useful (kids, animals, special-cases,

I would proudly wear a badge emblazoned with "SPECIAL CASE".  :)

Thanks for the pointer to the script; I'll check it out.

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