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Re: badges

Hi Maddog,

Le mardi, 12 août 2014, 23.51:27 Matto Marjanovic a écrit :
> Following up on the discussion about badges at tonight's meeting:

Just as a set of facts, here's what we did for DC13:

* Get "enough" A7-sized two-sided coloured badges for the three attendee
  types (Organizer, Volunteer, Attendee), including some DC13-branding.
  In fact we ordered A6-sized one-sided with two badges and folded them,
  that ended up cheaper. [0]
* Get a small PTouch QL580N label printer with transparent label tape
* Print two small labels per attendee using a combination of penta CSV
  export, a python script [1], xetex, and cups (+ the non-free ptouch
  driver AFAIK :'( )
* We printed most attendees' labels, sticked them on the badges
  backgrounds and inserted them in the badgeholders before the main
  arrival day. Having the label printer at hand and a set of badge
  backgrounds allowed us to correct typos, check Unicode support [2],
  and eventually swap badge backgrounds on a case-by-case basis.
* We printed Nickname, Fullname, the list of spoken languages
  (ISO-639-1) and two small labels for whether the food had been paid
  (✓) and what food "type" had been requested ("", "veg" or "vegan").
  The labels haven't seen practical use given the nature of the catering
  in Le Camp though, but that might be useful depending how that's
  handled in Portland.

All-in-all, I think that worked quite well and having label-less badge 
backgrounds turned out to be quite useful (kids, animals, special-cases, 



[0] http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/debconf-data/dc13.git/plain/artwork/Badges/dc13_{orga,volunteer,attendees}_badges.pdf
[1] http://anonscm.debian.org/cgit/debconf-data/dc13.git/tree/artwork/Badges/labels/label.py
[2] I've spent quite a lot of time twiddling the fonts and LaTeX
    variants to have the template work with all attendees' names unicode

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