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Re: DebConf 14 logo design

On 07/26/13 12:24, Steve Langasek wrote:
Hi Matto,

On Fri, Jul 26, 2013 at 10:12:06AM -0700, Matto Marjanovic wrote:
On 07/05/13 14:11, Steve Langasek wrote:
On Fri, Jul 05, 2013 at 09:43:12AM -0700, Patty Langasek wrote:
And... we need a logo.
As a recent PDX transplant but longtime Debian user, I'd like to
(try to) contribute something... so here is a logo concept I came
up with.
I share Patty's enthusiasm for this logo.  Incorporating the swirl into the

Two votes of confidence:  great!  I'll keep working on it.

In response to Patty, yes, I am open to ideas for fine-tuning.

Do you think there's room in the logo to incorporate other elements of
Portland's skyline, as in the logo Brian proposed earlier?  I have no
strong feelings on this, and will defer to the more design-minded folks to
sort this question out.

Some element(s), maybe.  I'm not sure there is anything particularly
special about Portland's skyline --- besides Mt. Hood, that is.  (Every
city has a skyline after all.)  It would be nice to get some hint of a
bridge in there.  I'm relatively new here, though, so if I have missed
something of grand local cultural significance, please clue me in.

The one thing that sticks out to me as needing improvement is the font,
which I really don't care for at all.  Perhaps we could use the font from
the Debian logo?  AIUI the font from the original logo is non-free, but

Aren't you glad I didn't use Comic Sans?

I didn't do an exhaustive search for the font I used, there is room for
change, but let me explain the thought that went into it:  I had in mind
something evoking some sense of the woodsy Northwest, something "timbery",
hence the sturdy, dark slab-serif.

there is a free approximation here:


If this font isn't a good fit, I don't mind this much either; this font has

[I don't understand this sentence... what is it that you don't mind?]

often been used for the DebConf logos, but not universally (DC11/12 used
it, DC10/13 did not).  But whether or not we want to use that font in
particular, the current one is really quite jarring to me.

Can you elaborate on what aspect(s) of the font is conniption-inducing?

Also... have you tried viewing the logo smaller, e.g. perhaps 3" wide at
foot or two away, versus full-screen or full-window size?  (I, too, find
it jarring when my face is smashed into it in my icedove window... but
that's not really how one will ever look at it.)

Can you also share the source for this logo?  (I assume it was originally
done as xcf or svg)

You bet... the original source is from Inkscape (and the original source
file is full of a lot of cast-off elements and other detritus which will
get removed before the final product is finally produced).

I've got two technical questions:

 1) What font licensing (non)restrictions should I be aware of?

 2) What variety of media (and sizes) will the logo be used for?
    (The version used for letterhead will have different tweaking than
    the version used for a t-shirt.)


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