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Re: [Debian-portland-soc] July Beering and DebConf Planning

[Cc:ing debconf14-team@, which is where debconf14 discussions should be
happening :)]

On Fri, Jul 05, 2013 at 09:43:12AM -0700, Patty Langasek wrote:
> Hello happy Debian Portland People!

> === July Beering ====

> So, now that we're well into July, it's time to figure out when the monthly
> beering should be. Fair warning, end of July is insane for me, and I wont'
> be able to attend or plan either of the last 2 weeks of July.

> Is there interest for the beering to be the week of 15 July? Tuesday seemed
> kinda quiet, so I'm thinking about moving back to Thursday (18 July).
> Thoughts?

The Tuesday turnout seemed reasonable compared with the times we've held it
on Thursday, and has the HUGE advantage of us not having to fight for elbow
room at the tables in Lucky Lab.

Are there people who think they would make it to a Thursday beering, but not
to the Tuesday beering?  If not, I think we should either stick with
Tuesday, or else find a better venue where we don't have to worry about
finding space.

> === DebConf14: Call for Logo Design ===

> And! DebConf14 planning - there are a few things we need to get up and
> going; think about sponsorship and anyone who might want to give us money.

FWIW, we have started gathering a partial list of local sponsors in a google
doc.  Kees, how goes the process of getting that doc synced to the
debconf-data svn?

If anyone wants to be involved in working on sponsorship, please raise your
hand and we'll make sure you get access to this (either in the debconf-data
repository or the google doc).  It's not open to the public because it
contains private contact information for venue contacts etc., but anyone
involved in DebConf organization can (and should) have access to it.

One potential sponsor I think we need to reach out to is the City of
Portland itself.  In the past I know they had a budget to help encourage
technical conferences etc. here in Portland; I don't know if that's still
something they're doing, but it's definitely something we should look into.

Benjamin, you'd mentioned before that you were interested in helping out
with the sponsorship team - are you willing to drive this wrt local
sponsors?  We can all help brainstorming for prospects, but probably very
few of us are willing to make the phone calls that need to happen. :)

> And... we need a logo.

> Calling all designers! We need to come up with a DC14 logo for our
> sponsorship brochures, for our DC14 talk next month, and for everything
> DC14-related. Each DebConf has had its own logo that has incorporated Debian
> in some capacity (swirl, lamp, whatever) with something unique to the host
> city/country. You can find various teams' attempts at http://debconf.org.
> Current (Dc13) logo can be found at debconf13.debconf.org. Last year's at
> debconf12.debconf.org; 2011's at debconf11.debconf.org, etc.

> If you have questions, let me know. We'll need to get some designs up to
> choose from and schedule a time to vote on the best design very soon.  I'd
> like to have a design selected before we officially present DC14 to DebConf
> on 17 August in Vaumarcus.

FWIW, you don't have to be a designer to help us here.  Feel free to
contribute ideas about what would be a good logo that captures the essence
of Portland - there are designers around in the DebConf community who can
help us with turning those ideas into a design.

Just as a quick brainstorm of things that we might incorporate into the logo
(pick one):

  - one of the bridges
  - Mt. Hood
  - roses

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