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Re: [DebConf 23] Guidance for remote speakers

Hi Lucas (2023.08.01_12:35:03_+0000)
> > I think it worked acceptably at DebConf 22. *But* it takes quite a bit
> > of time from core-video team people to get setup. So, if we're going to
> > support it, I think it would make sense to batch all the remote-speaker
> > events in a single room (as close to the video team HQ as possible) on
> > the same day.
> That would be definitely doable. The only talk which will be fully remote is
> the one proposed by Ben (mentioned above). The 2 others have in-person
> speakers, so if we want we can ask them to present without the remote
> co-speaker.

I don't know if it's on your list but the tech-ctte meeting will also
have most of the panel remote.

> > I advocate requiring pre-recording talks for remote presenters.
> > With a deadline during DebCamp to deliver recordings, so that they can
> > be checked and re-recorded/edited if necessary.
> Sure, we can request that.

We also need a commitment from the content team to take the lead in
reviewing these recordings and working with the presenters.
Ideally one person can take the lead on this, I guess.

Historically, this has fallen on the video team, during DebCamp when we
are usually busy trying to get set up for the event, and don't have time
to do the work.


Stefano Rivera
  +1 415 683 3272

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