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Re: [DebConf 23] Guidance for remote speakers


Em 29/07/2023 14:40, Louis-Philippe Véronneau escreveu:
On 2023-07-29 10 h 37, Stefano Rivera wrote:
Hi Lucas (2023.07.28_23:52:04_+0000)
What do other video-team members think about that?

I won't be at DebConf this year, but on my side, I feel like we've tried remote presentations and they don't work.

We can manage the technical side (although it's a hassle...), but they just aren't interesting. People don't go to DebConf to sit in a room and watch someone on a screen.

The result is very low audience participation compared to other talks and an overall feeling of disengagement that isn't great for anyone.

I would thus urge the content team not to accept remote presentations, if not for the very exceptional occasion.

Thanks for your feedback Louis-Philippe. I agree with your statement, the remote presentations are not too interesting for the audience in general. Maybe we, the content team, should talk about this and come up with more well defined guidelines for remote presentations (in exceptional cases).

This year we have a single request of a fully remote presentation which is proposed by Ben Hutchings to talk about what's new in the linux kernel, I believe this is a talk we have _almost_ every year and some people consider it interesting enough. So if possible, we'd like to accommodate that in the schedule. The other talks are asking for remote co-speaker, those we can say we do not support if it is too much work for the video team, and let just the in-person speaker present. WDYT?


Lucas Kanashiro

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