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Re: [DebConf 23] Guidance for remote speakers


Em 29/07/2023 11:37, Stefano Rivera escreveu:
Hi Lucas (2023.07.28_23:52:04_+0000)
I am one of the DebConf content leads this year, and we'd like to confirm
with you what we should say to speakers participating in talks remotely. So
far, we have 2 talks where the speaker requested a remote co-speaker, and 1
talk which will be recorded (no in-person speaker).
I'm afraid we aren't any better set up for remote speakers this year
than we've ever been before.

We just had a video-team sprint, but this wasn't a topic anyone was
working on. Just keeping the rest of the stack going was enough to keep
us busy for the sprint:

We've done some remote speakers in the past with varying results:

Ben's kernel talk at DC19, and the tech-ctte BoF at DC22.
I think those were the only ones we committed to at each event, but
someone may correct me.

FWIW one of the requests we have for remote presentation is coming from Ben.

The approach we currently use is to run Jitsi on a laptop connected to
the projector, with a camera facing the audience and an audio-feed from
a sub-mix of the desk (if possible).

The tricky bit here is the audio. We have to feed room microphones into
the laptop, and laptop output to the room, without getting feedback.

I think it worked acceptably at DebConf 22. *But* it takes quite a bit
of time from core-video team people to get setup. So, if we're going to
support it, I think it would make sense to batch all the remote-speaker
events in a single room (as close to the video team HQ as possible) on
the same day.

That would be definitely doable. The only talk which will be fully remote is the one proposed by Ben (mentioned above). The 2 others have in-person speakers, so if we want we can ask them to present without the remote co-speaker.

What do other video-team members think about that?

- For talks with remote speakers: https://debconf-video-team.pages.debian.net/docs/advice_for_presenters.html#presenting-remotely-or-online-jitsi
That was really written for the online events, but it mostly applies.


- For recorded talks:
I advocate requiring pre-recording talks for remote presenters.
With a deadline during DebCamp to deliver recordings, so that they can
be checked and re-recorded/edited if necessary.

Sure, we can request that.

Yes, it loses something not having them respond to the audience. But
they're already not in the room, so we're not losing much there.
We can be sure that the quality is acceptable and the entire talk will
be seen at high resolution. No audio/video dropouts during the talk, no
microphone issues, no resolution drops. Even with a full network outage,
the talk can happen.

And they can edit it a bit and get a really tight presentation. They
won't because this takes extra time and effort. But they could...

We can have them for Jitsi Q & A after the talk.

I think this is reasonable.

Thanks for the reply Stefano!

Lucas Kanashiro

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