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Re: [DebConf 23] Guidance for remote speakers

El 01/08/23 a las 13:12, stefanor@debian.org escribió:
> Hi Lucas (2023.08.01_12:35:03_+0000)
> > > I think it worked acceptably at DebConf 22. *But* it takes quite a bit
> > > of time from core-video team people to get setup. So, if we're going to
> > > support it, I think it would make sense to batch all the remote-speaker
> > > events in a single room (as close to the video team HQ as possible) on
> > > the same day.
> > 
> > That would be definitely doable. The only talk which will be fully remote is
> > the one proposed by Ben (mentioned above). The 2 others have in-person
> > speakers, so if we want we can ask them to present without the remote
> > co-speaker.
> I don't know if it's on your list but the tech-ctte meeting will also
> have most of the panel remote.
> > > I advocate requiring pre-recording talks for remote presenters.
> > > With a deadline during DebCamp to deliver recordings, so that they can
> > > be checked and re-recorded/edited if necessary.
> > 
> > Sure, we can request that.
> We also need a commitment from the content team to take the lead in
> reviewing these recordings and working with the presenters.
> Ideally one person can take the lead on this, I guess.

I think we can do it (for Ben's talk). I could take the lead, but I
don't have experience on this. I would need to know what it should be
taken into account/the requirements regarding the recording.

> Historically, this has fallen on the video team, during DebCamp when we
> are usually busy trying to get set up for the event, and don't have time
> to do the work.



 -- S

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