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Re: DebCoonf19 budget for video team

Hi Paulo,

On 2019/08/16 15:33, Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana wrote:
> Hi Andy,
> On 16/08/2019 08:52, Andy Simpkins wrote:
>> Sorry no i have not replied.
>> I do not know what our budget request was in the 1st place
>> I am aware that my travel and that of Kyle were budget items.
> Do you have the amount of each?
>> As too was
>> the server and pc hire. I can not say what figures were placed against what.
> The local part (pc hire, cables) is in other line.
>> There would also have been shipping etc.
> ok
> I think the budget was to flight tickets to some of you. I can't find a
> wiki or pad where was listed the names. I remember there was one.

Flights were covered for Andy and I only. My ticket was 16 670.09 ZAR
(~1089.49 USD), but I can't remember how much Andy requested. Both these
amounts were reimbursed by SPI.

>> Who raused the budget request initially?
> I think it was pollo or olasd.

The extension request for the flights was asked for here:




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