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Re: DebCoonf19 budget for video team

Sorry no i have not replied.
I do not know what our budget request was in the 1st place
I am aware that my travel and that of Kyle were budget items. As too was the server and pc hire. I can not say what figures were placed against what.

There would also have been shipping etc.

Who raused the budget request initially?

On 16 August 2019 12:21:22 BST, Jonathan Carter <jcc@debian.org> wrote:
On 2019/08/13 15:51, Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana wrote:
We are doing DC19 accountability and the budget has a line:
USD 6,800.00 general

I think this is for travel expenses and hardware shipping.

How should we deal with that?
Will video team send us receipts to include in the accountability? Are
the payments done by SPI? I am not sure how it works.

Has anyone replied to Paulo yet? 6800 is too much to list as just
'general' so if at all possible please provide some more granular broad
categories like "travel", "on-site purchases", etc".


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