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[Debconf-video] Video review for mini-DC Vienna

Hi folks,

19:27 < wouter> oh crap, I forgot all about the meeting yesterday
19:27 < wouter> sorry about that
19:27  * wouter reads backlog
19:31 < wouter> I can fiddle vittoria.debian.org into doing veyepar review for vienna if that helps
19:32 < wouter> we got the setup working for the cambridge mini-DC too, and adding a new event is just adding some stuff to the database
19:32 < wouter> shouldn't be too hard

Sorry 'bout that. I'm fine with "two weeks from yesterday" again. If we
decide on that (please do), I'll put it in my agenda, like I did last
time but which I forgot for some reason for yesterday's meeting, and
which was the cause for my not being there.

A few questions:
- Debienna folks:
  - When's the schedule going to be public (so I can add it to our
    review system)? Alternatively, is it available in some easily
    parseable format? That way I can just write a script that imports
    the schedule once every so often, and I don't need to copy/paste too
    much (but don't worry if that's too much work, copy/pasting isn't
    that much of a problem).
  - Do you guys have a logo or some such? Someone needs create a set of
    title screens like https://veyepar.debian.org/main/title_slides/2/
    (note: the text variations are *not* necessary, you just need an SVG
    file which has placeholders for the text, veyepar does the rest)? I
    can track down the source file for the Cambridge mini-DC or the one
    from dc15 if needs be, or someone can create a new one from
- Debconf video team:
  - Stefano, I'm assuming you're happy running rsync and adddv.py and
    tsdv.py etc every so often to tickle veyepar into adding files to
    its database? I'm happy to set up things so veyepar actually knows
    about the event.
  - What do we do with the raw DV files from the Cambridge mini-DC? I
    don't think we still need them, but they're in the way for the files
    from Vienna (vittoria has a 300G volume to work with which is 65%
    full ATM with the Cambridge files). If we decide to keep them "just
    to be sure", I'll need to talk to DSA on what the best way is to get
    them somewhere else before the start of the event.

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