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Re: [Debconf-video] video for minidebconf vienna 2016?

Hi chrysn (2016.04.17_19:42:09_+0200)
> A mixer will be available (SCRFT EPM-6), which would already receive the
> room audio. Wired mics should be available, but are unreliable.

That works. We might have to re-jig it a bit. But can put it back,

> > * Can we get audio into the venue's PA system?
> AFAICT not. The setup is wired so we can extract audio, but injection
> would require major changes in the wiring.

Assuming that mixer is the one doing the room audio, that's really what
matters. It means we can :)

> It is possible that split video output from the presenter desk is output
> in the neighboring room. That shouldn't pose a problem, though, for
> either we stick to the original setup with video capture at the
> presenter's desk, or that laptop would capture the split video instead.
> Would that laptop need someone to operate it, or is it just hardware
> that is remote controlled?

It'd be unattended (except when fire-fighting)

> > * Ethernet cable run from the podim and front camera to the desk at the
> >   back.
> Would it help if I could arrange access to the location's wired network?
> Is IP network (probably DHCP) sufficient, or do you need dedicated
> switch ports?

We need reliable bandwidth between the front and back of the room. So,
preferably, gigabit ports on both sides, attached to the same switch. If
it isn't super-busy, and misbehaving, that should be fine.

And please, no port security :)

If that's not possible. You could patch a port at the front of the room
directly to one at the back. And we'd need a second one at the back,
to get a stream out to the internet.


Stefano Rivera
  +1 415 683 3272

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