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Re: [Debconf-video] video meeting for dc15, video sprint

On Fri, Mar 20, 2015 at 04:29:15PM +0100, Holger Levsen wrote:
> Hi,
> On Montag, 16. März 2015, Wouter Verhelst wrote:
> > Note to self: if you're going to suggest a meeting, better f*cking
> > actually be there, yourself. Grmbl.
> #meetbot pingall is also really useful.

Quite, yes, but, ah well.

> > Having said that, though, I do believe the urgency is gone now that
> > -team has come up with a budget; we "just" need to come up with a way to
> > do our stuff within that budget (which, I think, is perfectly possible).
> > So rather than wasting everyone's time yet again, I suggest we do things
> > via mailinglist instead.
> > 
> > What needs to happen:
> > - We need to get four cameras, four tripods, six laptops, and a whole
> >   bunch of audio gear and cables from Paris to Heidelberg and back
> >   again. Richard seems to think we can do that at €500, which I think is
> >   too low; I think a guesstimate of 2k is more realistic, which Richard
> >   thinks is ridiculously high.
> I dont think we should aim to pay money for that, rather find nice french 
> people to drive it for us.

Yeah, I agree with that, but we should also prepare a backup plan just
in case nobody from Paris (or thereabouts) is driving to Heidelberg.

I haven't had time to look at detailed prices yet. I plan to drive to a
nearby courier service and get a reasonable guesstimate.

> >   I can't come up with a better answer to the question at hand from
> >   where I am (typing this in a restaurant on my way home), but I'll take
> >   this as an action point for later this week: figure out what a
> >   reasonable guesstimate would be. If someone has an answer already, be
> >   my guest ;-)
> look at videoteam expenses from last years? switzerland should be pretty 
> comparative.

Good idea, thanks.

> > - We need to buy some consumables:
> >   - batteries for the wireless mics.
> >   - duct tape (or is this done by network team?)
> >   - media to put the recordings on (disks)? Not sure if we need this.
> >     How is this usually done?
> >   - Anything else?
> > - We need to organize a sprint. Ideally, people from non-debconf video
> >   teams would be present at this sprint, too. We should talk to those
> >   people, see if they're interested in joining, see how much time
> >   they're willing to spend, and come up with a date. It should be:
> >   - Long enough before debconf that we can use whatever we figure out at
> >     this sprint at debconf itself
> >   - long enough in the future that it's still possible to organize it
> >     properly.
> end of may?

Works for me.

> >   I think one month before debconf is the absolute minimum to pass on
> >   the first restriction, and that 6 weeks to two months is probably what
> >   it would take for the second one; that leaves (late) may, all of june,
> >   and early july for the sprint.
> >   Open questions:
> >   - how long should such a sprint be? We could make it a weekend one, so
> >     that people don't need to take vacation, which is probably a good
> >     idea. Alternatively, we could make it a week sprint, which would
> >     give us more time, but would require people to take time off from
> >     work. Maybe do something like wednesday through sunday, and people
> >     who can only join for the weekend arrive friday night?
> i'd prefer thursday to sunday.

Or that.

> >   - Where are we going to do this? I don't personally have any space
> >     that I could use for this kind of stuff. Anyone have an idea?
> linuxhotel.de in essen would be an option i'm sure, if they still have free 
> weekends. else maybe some place in heidelberg? or a hackspace in hamburg or 
> berlin? or brussels?

Yes, that's probably a good idea. I'll contact them and see if that's
possible, and also see if they're still available late may.

> > - We need a plan for recording stuff at conference itself. I think for
> >   this year, going with a dvswitch-compiled-on-wheezy is an acceptable
> >   plan that will work (the issues with dvswitch are that the API changed
> >   in recent libav versions, which happened after the release of wheezy;
> >   when compiled against the libav libraries from wheezy, even if the
> >   result runs on jessie, everything works fine). However, I would feel
> >   more comfortable with switching to some other option. At the same
> >   time, I don't feel comfortable with such a switch until after the
> >   sprint.
> agreed. also i still think dvswicth on wheezy is totally fine today.
> > - We need a plan for reviewing. In past debconfs (that I was present
> >   at), we used a penta extension, which seemed to work fine. However,
> >   since debconf has moved away from penta now, that is no longer an
> >   option. I wasn't at debconf 2014, so I can't evaluate how well last
> >   year's solution (veyepar) worked; but I can note that for FOSDEM 2014,
> >   it wasn't a complete success. Then again, FOSDEM and DebConf are two
> >   completely different beasts; what is a bad idea for one conference
> >   isn't necessarily so for the other.
> >   Can someone who actually was at DebConf14 comment on how well veyepar
> >   worked for DebConf?
> i'll pass here. (just note that all the video extension needs is a penta 
> install (which we still have) with updated datam, wchih we could extract and 
> feed into penta...

True enough, I suppose.

> the ccc also has a video reviewing system.

Do you have any experience with it?

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