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[Debconf-video] video meeting for dc15, video sprint

Hi folks,

[to: debconf-video + Niels Laukens, in whose lap I ended up dropping
video orga for FOSDEM]

It's getting necessary to start planning video for debconf15. I'd like
to propose a team meeting on IRC, preferably this week still.

In addition, it would also be nice to have a video sprint, so we can
evaluate various possiblities and possibly, eventually, migrate from
DVswitch to "something else".

- Come up with a preliminary budget for debconf organisation
- Come up with a preliminary plan of action for what to do about video
  for dc15
- Figure out if it's possible to have a sprint, and who'd like to be
  part of that

If you can make it sometime this week, please fill out the dudle at


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