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talking about the dvds...


today on #debconf...

<h01ger> Womble2, the dvd looks great. problems: doesnt play the streams right 
with kaffeine (vlc works here, you tested with mplayer?), problem2: some 
people are missing in the credits (will fix that and send you a diff), 
problem3: you mention copyrights but not the licence... besides that: wow :)
<Womble2> h01ger: I have tested with two Panasonic DVD players and briefly 
with totem. Unfortunately my DVD-ROM drive can't read burned discs and the 
computer with the DVD writer is a bit slow to play them.
<Womble2> Are people missing from the video team credits? I took the list from 
wiki.debian.net. The organisers are obviously incomplete and I have asked on 
debconf5-team for a list.
<Womble2> I did mean to include licence text but just haven't got round to it 
<h01ger> i meant the organizers..
<Womble2> Do you have problems with all streams in kaffeine, or just the wide 
ones? I think I may need to do something diferent for them.
<h01ger> hm... i only checked two talks... Search_Engines_in_Debian and 
<h01ger> the wide ones are the pal ones ?
<Womble2> The DebCamp ones are wide (~16:9)
<Womble2> What goes wrong in Kaffeine?
<h01ger> sort of big pixels (20x20) with finer stripes
<Womble2> Oh yeah, something like that happened in totem too on one of my 
<h01ger> btw, the graphic-credit is for the debconf-logo ? or what for ?
<h01ger> s/debconf-logo/debconf5-logo/
<Womble2> I'd put it down to a Xine bug (both totem and kaffeine use it)
<Womble2> Yes that's right
<h01ger> it happens also on talks taken with the ntsc camera (small room), 
just tested abas-volantile-talk
<h01ger> but that error with totem only occured on one of your machines ? the 
other totems are fine ?
<Womble2> On the faster machine with the DVD-ROM I've played the recoded video 
files with totem, and they are fine
<Womble2> On the slower machine with the DVD writer I've played a burned DVD 
with totem, and the video is weird
<h01ger> kaffeine here also plays the .vob files fine, just not from dvd :(
<Womble2> So quite what makes the difference, I don't know
<Womble2> Perhaps when Xine is instructed to play a DVD it assumes the streams 
won't be MPEG-1.
<Womble2> Do the DebCamp videos play correctly (they are MPEG-2)?
<h01ger> yes, they do
<Womble2> from the DVD?
<h01ger> yap
<h01ger> Womble2, (why) cant we just convert all videos to mpeg2 ?
<Womble2> Because we'd have to double the resolution, and the results are 
terrible at such low bit rates
<Womble2> That's what I tried initially
<Womble2> (Note, MPEG-2 is a superset of MPEG-1; where I've said MPEG-2 above 
I mean video using the MPEG-2 extensions)
<h01ger> ah
<Womble2> The VOBs clearly have MPEG-2 headers
<Womble2> and I can't find anything obvious in the Xine source that would make 
it behave differently when reading from DVD. 


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