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Wrapping up the Debconf5 videos

At this point all of the MPEGs are finished except for a few that will
require files from Arto.

The missing MPEGs are:

0714 - 07 Kernel Talk
I have the front camera's version but need


0716 - 03 Debian Med
I need


0716 - 05 Using Debian in hardware with no OSS drivers
I don't think this talk was given.  If it was, I don't see any recording
of it in Arto's file listing.

0716 - 13 Cross-compiling Debian for Embedded Systems
I'm fairly certain this talk wasn't given.

Aside from those, I need several files to redo some of the high quality
backup versions (for creating Theora/Mpeg2/whatever)


And the last thing is to reedit the Ubuntu talk (the high quality
version of Herman's editing was lost while still at Debconf.)  No extra
files are needed for this.


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