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public schedule (not only but also to call for volunteers)


WhatTheHack has a nice schedule about the event:

It includes information about the different build up and tear down stages as 
well as the actual event. And it tells wannabe volunteers how and if they can 

IMHO we should create and publish a similiar list, I was thinking about a 
table like this:

date				stage		volunteers needed for
before july 1st		preperations	none
july 1st			enter!		none
2.-3. july			prebuild		cabling ? $whatever
3.-8. july			debcamp
9.july			dday			video + video editing
10.-17. july		debconf		video + video editing
18.july			cleanup		decabling, cleaning up

Obviusly this table is really lacking, but you should get the idea.

wiki.debian.net to me seems to be the best location for this, as 
www.debconf.org AFAIK lacks a wiki ? 
Other Opinions ? Suggestions ? $data for the table ?


P.S.: I don't think there is anyone on debconf5-video who isnt subscribed to 
-team ?! If so, please speak up or rather subscribe. And please drop the 
cc:... I nobody speaks up I won't cc: -video in future...

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