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Re: Organizing the video team


On Tuesday 10 May 2005 17:52, Fabian Fagerholm wrote:
> I hope this gets us started. My apologies if it sounds like I'm trying
> to push too hard or take someone else's place. That's not what I'm
> trying to do. The goal is simply to provide the best video coverage a
> debconf has ever seen to date. ;-)

Ack & thanks for this good writeup. ASAP (in the next few days until next 
saturday) I will find time to take all the (new+old) ideas in the wiki and on 
this list, and propose a new status document / plan / open questions / 
solutions / whatever.

If anybody has the time to push this before I will, please go ahead - your 
actions are certainly welcome! :) Otherwise, as said, I will happily do it.

This mail is mostly a "please hold on" statement in case you where wondering 
if I were MIA :-)


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