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Re: Organizing the video team


On Tuesday 24 May 2005 19:18, John Lightsey wrote:
> Camera->Kino/dvgrab->USB2 Drive->Moved to another computer->Kino for
> minimal chopping->ffmpeg pipe->XviD/DivX->web server

additonally to the usb-drives  we will also have ethernet from the 
camera-laptop to the editing computer(s)...

The dedicated laptops will be Toshiba Satellites, we (as in debconf5, not as 
in video team) will also have Protégés and Tectras - do we need to know more 
about the exact models or are all (recent) Satellites (laptops ;) suited for 
our needs ?

> We'll need to patch kino for bug 308669:
> http://bugs.debian.org/cgi-bin/bugreport.cgi?bug=308669

ok, deploying this (and other workarounds) will be easy with FAI softupdates 
(see http://www.layer-acht.org/fai/softupdates/ for a brief intro, I will 
provide detailed instructions and a configdir in June...), we can either 
prepare fixed packages or copy single files.

> GNU/Linux users...
> Windows users...
> Mac users???

I know a mac community which is competent & quickly reachable, so if we have a 
test-setup (hint ;), I can point them to it and we'll get feedback.


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