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Re: using COMAS to assign volunteers to talks for video-task

Hi Gunnar,

On Saturday 14 May 2005 07:55, you wrote:
> Hi, Holger, and please excuse me for ignoring this mail for over a
> week :)

fine with me. We won't need it now - June is sufficient I would say :-)

> > I would like to ask, whether it would be possible to assign certain
> > people to certain talks in COMAS, so that we, the video team, can make
> > use of COMAS.
> Yup.
> The functionality does not exist right now, but I think it's quite
> easy to add - I have been really tied up, but expect it during the
> next week or two. If you don't hear a beep from me by ~thursday,
> please bug me again.

Great, thanks a lot in advance! :-)

> Now, Comas implements scheduling, but we are not currently using that
> information for Debconf, as it brings in many questions - we might end
> up using it, but I think the model we developed this for is quite
> different from Debconf. Of course, scheduling information is vital so
> a single person does not need to be on two places at once - We have
> tried it before, but you always incur in strange metaphysical
> paradoxes.

I cannot parse this. I thought/think, you will implement something like this 
so we can vote on bofs ? What kind of scheduling does comas implement ?

> > P.S.: another question about COMAS: does it have an issue/request tracker
> > like the BTS or trac ? I'm thinking of using something like this to track
> > the administration tasks... could be handy for video as well.
> Nope. What kind of tasks are you thinking about?

the functionality of request-tracker (package rt, iirc) or trac or the BTS... 
tasks like: fix dhcp-server, increase maximum object size in squid, 
post-process the video-recording of talk x or y, etc... 


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