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Re: Organizing the video team

On Thu, 2005-05-12 at 12:54, Martin Langhoff wrote:
> Hi everyone! I'm on the list (thanks for all the courtesy CC'ing!).

I am, too.  Please reply to the list only.

> I'm working on getting fluendo (or ffmpeg) capturing from FW, doing
> high quality, but lossy, compression and saving that to the HD. 

 "high quality, but lossy" makes me cringe, but...

> Editing/post-production is very very very very unlikely 
> to happen unless someone steps up and gets it done. 

...so you may be right.

> We don't need laptops -- a reasonably modern PC should be able 
> to handle it (I want to provide proof of that, too).

 Sure.  I suggested laptops for the sake of convenience:
One crew member can carry two cameras, two tripods and a
laptop in one go.

> I completely want to avoid tapes.

 I strongly agree with this.  Tapes may be used as a fallback
or backup, but they will most likely never be touched again.

> I'm hoping that we can stream things live, but the main value is in
> recording and making the presentations avaialble with reasonable
> effort. And we don't need broadcast-quality/HD-eating lossless capture
> at all. Something that does 2GB per hour with "fast" compression
> should be more than good enough for us.

 I don't think the space requirement for DV is much of a show-stopper.
Hard drives are cheap, especially for desktop PCs.  We don't want to
stream 4 mb/s to everyone, so recompression will be necessary.

> Last year I captured about 15 minutes of really interesting 
> storytelling that Biella organized, where Ian, Bdale and others
> told stories of how Debian started. It was mesmerizing to be 
> there, and the video captures > quite a few interesting parts 
> of it, but no-one ever got around to editing anything out of it.

 Anyone who would like to do a couple of hours of editing work,
every day during Debconf5?  (/me raises hand)  If there are fewer
editing man-hours than footage hours, the editors have to be
unusually productive!

> >   A grabber running on the speaker's PC (vncrec)?
> >   VGA to video to analog grabber (ick)?
> If presenters supply their slides (even if it's an early version or if
> they supply them post-facto) we'll put a link to the slides next to
> the link to the video. The video feed should have the speaker in
> frame, and not worry about the screen much, unless there is something
> interactive happening.

 That can often be the case.  If the streams are supposed to be
self-contained, they should include the slides.  A full-featured
MPEG4 stream can contain vector graphics, but alas, we can not
expect users to have capable players installed.  Most slides will
look OK in 320x240, though.

 Herman Robak

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