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Re: Committee Role: Helping build the debconf-team

>>>>> "Gunnar" == Gunnar Wolf <gwolf@debian.org> writes:

    Gunnar> I understand this, and I understand this was one of the
    Gunnar> perceived failure points in the previous delegation model
    Gunnar> (the DebConf Chairs). However, the DebConf Team needs to
    Gunnar> take care that DebConf organization progresses as smoothly
    Gunnar> as possible - and that requires some degree of involvement;

I agree that DCC members need to have involvement in following what is
happening.  They should be following enough to be aware of issues, and
enough to have informed opinions should an issue reach the DCC.  They
should be following enough to give advice/mentorship.

    Gunnar> a DC Committee member that only tunes in to the discussions
    Gunnar> early in the year to choose the next venue is... IMO, a
    Gunnar> quite lacking definition.

Yeah, I'd ask DCC members to commit more than that.  I cannot speak to
what has happened in the past, but I have confidence that we'll be able
to choose members from the set of volunteers we have who will not just
tune in for selecting the next location.

I am not casting negativity at anything that has happened in the past.
I can't speak to it because I don't know.

    Gunnar> I don't want this to be read as a criticism to people who
    Gunnar> have worked this way

    >> The question is whether the committee should have a significant
    >> role in keeping track of how active the debconf team is and
    >> working to find volunteers to keep the organization vibrant.  The
    >> proposal we got both in the nominations process and that we got
    >> in feedback at DC19 is that this should be a committee
    >> responsibility.

    Gunnar> I think being part of the Committee should imply members
    Gunnar> keep track of what's going on in orga (even if they cannot
    Gunnar> attend meetings or don't have the cycles to get deeply
    Gunnar> involved in every iteration of DebConf under their
    Gunnar> tenure). I expect Committee Members to, at least, read
    Gunnar> meetings minutes and help point at issues that are showing
    Gunnar> signs of possible upcoming failure or pain.


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