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Re: Committee Role: Helping build the debconf-team

> (...)
> There are concerns that the active debconf-team  is smaller than we'd
> like.
> In some cases it's been the local team plus not a lot else.

I agree this should _really_ not be the case. We have long tried to
counter the (quite natural TBH) split between local and global teams,
because it hurts all workflows. We need the best approximation we can
get at a single organizing team.

> To emphasize: the committee's role is not to be the debconf team.
> Committee members may be active members of the debconf team, and
> certainly we need at least one or two who are very active in
> debconf-team.

I understand this, and I understand this was one of the perceived
failure points in the previous delegation model (the DebConf
Chairs). However, the DebConf Team needs to take care that DebConf
organization progresses as smoothly as possible - and that requires
some degree of involvement; a DC Committee member that only tunes in
to the discussions early in the year to choose the next venue
is... IMO, a quite lacking definition.

I don't want this to be read as a criticism to people who have worked
this way - The model was tested, and it has some advantages (i.e. not
having a small group have decision power over the rest leads to a more
democratic, flat organization, and that preempts some of the tensions
we have suffered in the past). But it can be tweaked and tuned to
serve better.

> The question is whether the committee should have a significant role in
> keeping track of how active the debconf team is and working to find
> volunteers to keep the organization vibrant.
> The proposal we got both in the nominations process and that we got in
> feedback at DC19 is that this should be a committee responsibility.

I think being part of the Committee should imply members keep track of
what's going on in orga (even if they cannot attend meetings or don't
have the cycles to get deeply involved in every iteration of DebConf
under their tenure). I expect Committee Members to, at least, read
meetings minutes and help point at issues that are showing signs of
possible upcoming failure or pain.

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