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Re: DebConf19 budget approval request - round 3

        USD 4,118.74  assets:SPI

I'm sorry, I don't know what assets:SPI would mean on a budget.
Do you mean that your income is expected to exceed expenses by $4,118?

      USD 170,643.73  expenses
       USD 85,500.00    bursaries
       USD 75,500.00      bursaries
       USD 10,000.00      diversity

Why are there two bursaries line items?  If the intent is to show that
there is a Bursaries line item containing a Bursaries line item and a
diversity line item that rolls up into the Bursaries line item how am I
supposed to get that from the presentation?
If they were indented different amounts I could see indentation, but
they are the same level of indentation.

        USD 1,430.85    graphic materials

Are we saying that this is under the Diversity item because it's
indented one space more?
I don't understand why A Bursaries Diversity item would need graphic

Gave up here.

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