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Re: DebConf19 budget approval request - round 3

Hi Sam

Am 05.06.19 um 17:53 schrieb Jonathan Carter:
> On 2019/06/05 16:21, Sam Hartman wrote:
>> As a reminder I'm still waiting for the debconf committee's
>> review of this budget amendment per previous discussion on this
>> thread and my April Bits from the DPL.
> We're just waiting for feedback from one person who's traveling
> today, so you can expect to have an ack from us tomorrow.

Jonathan and me reviewed the budget. I've had a chat with phls about
it, too, as we are currently both at Mini-DC Hamburg.

The drinking cups will be cheaper than budgeted as the local team has
found a more reasonable supplier. I don't think we need to do another
submission round for this. Still it will shave off ~ $800 of that line

We recommend accepting the updated budget.

Ideally the DebConf19 team should stay within this budget now and
manage eventual cost increases or savings potential within the granted
overall budget.

Kind regards

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