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Re: DebConf19 budget approval request - round 3

Hi Sam

On 2019/06/10 15:39, Sam Hartman wrote:
> I'm sorry, I don't know what assets:SPI would mean on a budget.
> Do you mean that your income is expected to exceed expenses by $4,118?

I'll let Daniel answer that one to be safe that I don't unintentionally
mislead you.

>       USD 170,643.73  expenses
>        USD 85,500.00    bursaries
>        USD 75,500.00      bursaries
>        USD 10,000.00      diversity
> Why are there two bursaries line items?  If the intent is to show that
> there is a Bursaries line item containing a Bursaries line item and a
> diversity line item that rolls up into the Bursaries line item how am I
> supposed to get that from the presentation?
> If they were indented different amounts I could see indentation, but
> they are the same level of indentation.

Yes, those "bursaries" and "diversity" line items fold into the
top-level bursaries. The top-level bursaries consist of general
bursaries, plus an additional fund called diversity to bolster diverse
attendance. It may make more sense to call the line item for $75,500
"general bursaries" in the ledger.

>         USD 1,430.85    graphic materials
> Are we saying that this is under the Diversity item because it's
> indented one space more?
> I don't understand why A Bursaries Diversity item would need graphic
> materials.

Hmm, in the last mail I received that indentation didn't match what you
describe, graphic materials would be interpreted as falling under
'expenses', not under 'bursaries'.


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