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Re: On the DebConf20 decision process

I'd like to underline this from Stefano:

Le jeudi, 21 mars 2019, 00.37:12 h CET Stefano Rivera a écrit :
> * Along those lines, it would be unfair to a bid team, to let them do
>   all the work to prepare a bid, and then reject it because of an issue
>   with their country. If there are political requirements for host
>   countries, they should be laid out in the submission guidelines.

There are _currently_ no country-based restrictions on where to host a 
DebConf; and not having any such restrictions helps to focus on the sole 
logistical requirements: accomodation, rooms, internet, etc.

Although there is arguably a convergence of concerns between what the Debian 
project does (as a project) and certain criticisms directed towards certain 
countries and their politics, we should not forget that the Debian project is 
about creating a free software operating system, not about social justice 
between the people of this world. Don't get me wrong, I am very well aware 
that many Debian contributors also (rightfully) care about social justice. But 
the point is that what brings us _together_ is this ideal of a free software 
operating system; not other political ideas. Politics are almost by definition 
going to be divisive discussions amongst Debian Contributors, mostly because 
they probably cover most of the international political spectrum, and that's 
perfectly fine, as long as we manage to talk to eachothers about our common 
goal. (To be fair, we even have had difficulties when talking about our common 
ideal; we all care passionately about Debian, and that's good!)

tl;dr: I don't think political requirements for hosting DebConfs would be 
anywhere near a good thing for the conference nor the project.

Finally, if you don't want to attend a DebConf in $country, there are options:
- don't attend;
- help the competing bids during bidding phase; lobby the DebConf Committee;
- organize a competing bid in another country.
and (out of completeness), if you're a Debian Developer:
- launch a GR to override the DebConf Committee 's decision.


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