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Re: Debconf20 will be in...

Hi Paulo (2019.03.20_17:42:34_+0200)
> If you use numbers of DDs, we will always have DC in Europe :-)

Well, yes and no. As DebConf is a volunteer organised event, we're at
the mercy of the bids presented. Which means, if people want to have
DebConfs in Europe, they need to organise them :)

There have been times where we've selected non-European bids for variety
(and to reach new communities). But now we're in a time where we simply
don't get many European bids. And the ones that do attempt to bid,
struggle to build a local team.

The main cities, with the biggest concentration of developers seem to
often be too expensive. (Cambridge, UK is a reasonable example there).
And the smaller cities don't manage to raise a big enough local team to
carry the event.

European DebConfs, these days, are probably going to be big. I think
they'll almost certainly need to recruit a local team from across the
region, not just the city it's held in.  Germany was a good example of
that, in the past.

So, if we want to see more DebConfs in Europe, it's going to take some
teams to drive it. Probably from more than 1 city and even 1 country.


Stefano Rivera
  +1 415 683 3272

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