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Re: Debconf20 will be in...


Am 20.03.19 um 15:18 schrieb Paulo Henrique de Lima Santana:
> I'd have liked to have seen a public discussion from DebConf Committee
> how it was on previous years

We discussed that and preferred a non-public meeting.
There has been a two hour public bid review meeting cf.

>> To make life a bit easier for the many Debian members in Europe, and
>> those restricted in travel, we would like to have DebConf21 in Europe
>> again. 
> I think this part is not fair with countries outside Europe.
> Yesterday on the #debconf utkarsh2102 said: "India would be bidding for
> 2021."

The Indian team did not agree on a city and there was no sufficiently
completed bid for DC20 so they dropped out early. We're happy to receive
a competitive bid for DC21.

As with Israel for next year, the bid merits will decide.

But with 9 DDs in India and 500 or so in Europe the location is
important. DebConf is not only for outreach. It is primarily the Debian
Developers' conference. And yes, we definitely need more DDs from India.
And from everywhere else, too.

Kind regards,

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