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Re: Handling excess funds in OCF.tw (was: "Re: [DebConf18] Handing reimbursements from MEET TAIWAN")


Thank you for the reply. The current status is that I received money from MEET TAIWAN to my personal account.  I was planning to refund Paul Liu and myself (who are payees of these reimbursements) and transfer the surplus to OCF.tw.

OCF.tw's reimbursement requires physical receipts and VAT ID/payer to be exact.  These receipts have payer written as NCTU to reimburse via MEET TAIWAN for day trip, which has budget capped at TWD 96,000.  The remaining TWD 36,115 was planned to reimburse through SPI, and I told NCTU no need to send back the physical receipt since reimbursing through SPI don't take them.  I think I did a mistake here.

Best regards,
Yao Wei

On Mon, Oct 1, 2018 at 18:56 Chris Lamb <lamby@debian.org> wrote:
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Daniel Lange wrote:

> >   * How should we deal with the surplus (TWD 98,051) we have?  Should
> > these be transferred to SPI, or OCF.tw?
> This is the DPLs call to make as he is in charge of balancing TOs. I add
> him in CC.

Please transfer to SPI as we did indeed plan to close the TO after
DebConf ended.

> thank you very much for your diligent work on completing the ledger for
> DebConf18. Very much appreciated!


Best wishes,

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