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Re: [DebConf18] Handing reimbursements from MEET TAIWAN

Hi Yao Wei,

thank you very much for your diligent work on completing the ledger for
DebConf18. Very much appreciated!

Am 01.10.18 um 11:42 schrieb Yao Wei:
> I have received all reimbursements from MEET TAIWAN, in which TWD
> 139,166 is going to be funded back to Debian.
> However, we are having several receipts that needs to be reimbursed,
> planned through SPI, including carpet cleaning fee for coffee spills
> (TWD 5,000), and day trip expenses which exceeds the MEET TAIWAN budget
> (TWD 36,115).  So I have the following questions:
>   * Should we file reimbursement request through SPI?  Or can we balance
> them internally?

Yes, please handle them between OCF.TW and the initial payees. There is
no need to loop in SPI for TWD payments. That only costs transfer fees
and additional human effort.

>   * How should we deal with the surplus (TWD 98,051) we have?  Should
> these be transferred to SPI, or OCF.tw?

This is the DPLs call to make as he is in charge of balancing TOs. I add
him in CC.

As we planned to close the TO status for OCF.TW after DebConf18 books
are closed (cf.
I recommend to transfer the remaining balance to SPI.

Kind regards,

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