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Re: DC18 Budget Approval Request


On 14/04/18 at 15:35 +0800, Yao Wei wrote:
>        USD -211715.5  Income
>         USD -88000.0    Attendee
>         USD -23000.0      Accommodation
>         USD -65000.0      Food

The comment in ethercalc says:
"'mwei: estimating if 200 people in 300 in DebCamp, and 400 of 600 people in DebConf paid on their own"

That sounds like very large numbers to me. is that aligned with past

I'm not sure I'm reading this correctly, but the DC17 balance looks
     -219,392.10 USD  income
      -18,481.12 USD    attendee:registration
         -958.34 USD    confdinner:alcohol
      -23,178.18 USD    roomboard
       -4,477.22 USD      bar:drinks
      -18,700.96 USD      debconf
       -6,818.64 USD        classrooms
      -11,882.32 USD        food
     -176,774.47 USD    sponsors

- Lucas (with his dusty Debconf Committee hat on...)

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