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Re: DC18 Budget Approval Request


first of all: thanks for all your work on the budget. In general it looks
pretty good to me! Just two minor points (though the first is maybe not
so minor...)

On Sat, Apr 14, 2018 at 03:35:46PM +0800, Yao Wei wrote:
> * Increase the estimation of attendees from 400 to 600

there's 270 registrations so far (out of those 187 requested accom or
travel reimbursement), so based on previous debconfs I think it's
unlikely we'll get much more than 400 attendees, and even if, those need
to pay their own food and accom, so I believe for most of the costs the
basis will rather 270 people we need to have a budget for....

maybe you can do two budget calculations, one with 400 and one with 600

>          USD 11000.0      Sleeping mats

I think we should ask the attendees to bring their own sleeping
mattress, even if only one third of them can bring some, we can save
some thousand dollars here easily.

>          USD 25000.0      Breakfast
>          USD 12500.0      Coffee/Tea
>          USD 50000.0      Dinner
>          USD 37500.0      Lunch
>          USD 16000.0      Pastries

I understand we need breakfast, lunch, dinner and coffee/tea, but 16k
USD for sweets? Or am I missing something here?

(and of course those numbers will go down by one third for 400 instead
of 600 attendees, but still...)


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