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DC18 Budget Approval Request


Here are the current budget previsions.

There are some of the items missing intentionally, since the venue, on-site
accommodation and most of the equipments required by video team are sponsored
by NCTU.

Also, we are going to send another list of sponsors, mostly targeted to local
companies, so we can increase the income to cover the spendings, or use them
for bursaries.

One of the problems is that we might need to transfer money to Taiwan for
actual spending.  I don't know if that's actually necessary, and if such
expenses (fees for transferring to OCF) should be recorded as well.

We are live-editing the budget on EtherCalc:


The comments are in the document, and I am doing a manual sync into ledger
format in Git.


        USD -12537.5  Assets

        USD 157763.0  Budget
          USD 6000.0    Accommodations
          USD 2000.0      Air conditioning IC card
          USD 4000.0      Sleeping bags/mats
         USD 70000.0    Bursaries
         USD 60000.0      Bursaries
         USD 10000.0      Diversity
          USD 1000.0    Child Care
          USD 5000.0    Conference Dinner:Food
          USD 5500.0    Content
          USD 5000.0      Invited Speakers
           USD 500.0      Press
           USD 343.0    Day Trip:Buses
          USD 1000.0    Fundraising:Fulfillment
           USD 500.0    Insurance:Insurance
          USD 1000.0    Miscallenous:Incidentals
         USD 59500.0    Roomboard
           USD 500.0      Bar
          USD 8000.0      Breakfast
          USD 3000.0      Coffee/Tea
         USD 24000.0      Dinner
         USD 16000.0      Lunch
          USD 8000.0      Pastries
          USD 4920.0    Swags
           USD 720.0      Badges
          USD 1600.0      Bags
            USD 50.0      Posters
           USD 150.0      Stickers
          USD 2400.0      T-shirts
          USD 3000.0    Video
          USD 1500.0      Equipment Rental
          USD 1500.0      Equipment Shipping

       USD -145225.5  Income
        USD -20000.0    Attendee:Registration
         USD -1000.0    Conference Dinner:Alcohol
       USD -110225.5    Fundraising
         USD -4000.0      Bronze
        USD -20000.0      Gold
        USD -17225.5      Governmental Funds
        USD -20000.0      Platinum
        USD -45000.0      Silver
         USD -4000.0      Supporter
        USD -14000.0    Roomboard
         USD -1000.0      Accommodation
         USD -3000.0      Bar
        USD -10000.0      Food


Yao Wei

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