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Re: Kanboard and alternatives for mentoring

On 21 February 2018 at 14:05, Antonio Terceiro <terceiro@debian.org> wrote:
> On Tue, Feb 20, 2018 at 11:40:00PM -0500, Louis-Philippe Véronneau wrote:
>> > - we probably need to get some feedback from DebConf team, they already
>> > discuss[1] it, maybe somebody will be willing to comment in this thread.
>> >  Two specific questions for DebConf team: are you happy with Kanboard or
>> > might you use another solution for 2019?  Do you see a possibility of
>> > running a shared instance of it or do you really want your instance to
>> > be DebConf only?
>> I've been using KanBoard for a while now, both for DebConf and for my
>> job. I'm also the one doing most of the admin work for the
>> kanban.debian.net instance at the moment.
>> I can't speak for the DC19 folks, but I like KanBoard a lot. The main
>> developer is doing a lot of work and KanBoard keeps improving. The
>> available plugins are nice too. Overall, it seems like a mature project.
>> We are currently in the process of migrating the kanban.debian.net
>> instance to DSA infrastructure. DSA has been very responsive and the
>> only reason this has not been done yet is that I don't have a lot of
>> spare time these days.
>> At the moment, this instance is hosted on the personal server of an
>> ex-dc17 team member, and thus not suitable for massive usage.
>> Once migrated to DSA infra, I have plans to make it available to the
>> whole Debian project. I have to talk with DSA about it, but as I see it,
>> the easiest path would be to use the Gitlab plugin and to let people
>> authenticate using their salsa.debian.org account.
>> If I had to give an ETA on this, I would say it should be done in 3
>> months? My university semester will be over and I should be a DD by
>> then, making it easier for DSA to give me access to a VM.
> FTR, gitlab supports kanban boards for repositories where issues are
> enabled. maybe using salsa for kanban boards would be an avenue worth
> exploring instead of maintaining yet another service, since salsa is
> already being maintained anyway.
> of course, KanBoard being a specialized tool, it probably has more
> features and is way better than the gitlab kanban. or maybe, the gitlab
> kanban is Good Enough™ for most uses.

Having used KanBoard a bit and despite having contributed a
notification plugin I have to say I hate how cumbersome is the user
interface. I guess partially it is because how slow was the machine
the instance I used ran at, but nevertheless, I found another
PHP-based software with kanbans, Phabricator, much easier to use
despite also bundling a whole bunch of other tools deeply integrated
with each other.

I have also played with Taiga, but there's something in the default
theme which makes me want to use something else.


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