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Re: Kanboard and alternatives for mentoring

On 16/02/18 12:41, Laura Arjona Reina wrote:
> Hello
> El 16/02/18 a las 10:30, Daniel Pocock escribió:
>> Hi,
>> The DebConf team is running kanban.debian.net
>> We weren't sure if that is open to Outreachy and GSoC so Paulo kindly
>> set up an instance at kanban.softwarelivre.org for Renata's project:
>> https://kanban.softwarelivre.org/?controller=BoardViewController&action=readonly&token=5e753bdc0023a5ae54bec401ca407a3dc642e9a0c10f8e56da6a77e25300
>> Have other mentors used similar things?
>> Would anybody like to share the instance used by DebConf or setup
>> another instance as a standard tool for Outreachy?
>> Or would anybody propose an alternative tool for the next round?
> There are two kanban webapps already available in storm.debian.net (a Sandstorm
> instance): Scrumblr and Wekan.
> In 2015 I created one document of each, available for tests and playgrounds, for
> the DebConf team:
> Test Scrumblr: http://deb.li/testscrum
> Test Wekan : http://deb.li/testwekan
> The other team members concluded that these apps were too "simple" for help
> organising a DebConf (and then, deployed their kanban instance), but I think
> they may be useful for smaller projects as GSoC/Outreachy.
> The tests are still online, if anybody wants to try and play with them.
> If anybody needs/wants access to storm.debian.net or their user has not enough
> privileges to create new grains (one grain is a "document" of a certain app,
> e.g. a wekan board, or an etherpad, or a framadate poll...), just ping me by
> mail or IRC and I'll attend the request ASAP.

Here are some potential action items for taking this further:

- anybody can test any of these tools and give feedback in these thread,
even if you don't want to be an admin or mentor.  Students are also
welcome to give feedback.

- we probably need to get some feedback from DebConf team, they already
discuss[1] it, maybe somebody will be willing to comment in this thread.
 Two specific questions for DebConf team: are you happy with Kanboard or
might you use another solution for 2019?  Do you see a possibility of
running a shared instance of it or do you really want your instance to
be DebConf only?

- creating a wiki page about the Kanban board evaluation and how it will
be used in this team.  One topic specific to mentoring: can we create a
template with a list of tasks that have to be repeated each year so we
don't have to manually re-create each task in each round?

- checking whether everything needed is already packaged in stable or
backports (DSA may not host it if it is not packaged)

- discussion with DSA about whether they are willing to host it and
which server might be available.  Probably needs an RT ticket, DebConf
team already opened ticket #6836



1. https://lists.debian.org/debconf-team/2017/08/msg00036.html

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