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Details on the DC18 conference rooms for the videoteam


DC18 is in about 5 months and the videoteam would like to start planning
for the stuff we need to rent and to ship to Taiwan.

Could someone from the local team give us a description of the 3 main
conference rooms that will be used? From what I read, we will be
recording in:

* Hao-Ran International Conference Hall (300 seats)
* International Conference Hall (260 seats)
* Room 106 (Conference room 4) (150 seats )

Is that right?

We would need to know:

1. How large (in meters) are the rooms. Where are the network and power
sockets situated. How fast are the network sockets if we put them on a
private VLAN? Do you have floor plans for these rooms so we can
visualise them?

2. Are there projectors and screens in them? If yes, how does one
connect to them? Do they use HDMI? Where in the room is the cable to
connect to the projector? Is the current setup using a relay box or
another type of gizmo between the projector and computer input?

3. How can we run cables between the front stage and the back of the
rooms? Is there any fire safety laws that would require us not to tape
cables on the floor? Can we hang cables from a false ceiling like we did
during DC17?

4. Are the rooms equipped with a PA (speakers) system? If yes, how does
one interface with that system? Can we use our own mixing desks in all
the rooms, or will we have to pay a technician to do so?

5. We will need servers onsite to handle encoding. storage and
streaming. What are the current plans for this? What type of network,
CPU and storage capacity can we reasonably get?

I'm sorry if some of this has already been answered in a previous team
meeting, the current schedule make it impossible for me to attend.

If you could get pictures of the rooms (including projectors and PA
system, that would be awesome!)


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