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Re: questions for the Curitiba team

Am 25.01.2018 um 13:27 schrieb Antonio Terceiro:
>>> Our current plan is to have a happy hour setup (hacking space +
>>> beverages) on the closest hotel so that even people that are not
>>> sleeping there can attend. Our plan A is to use the Nacional Inn, which
>>> is 250m from UTFPR, so it won't be a logistic problem for people who are
>>> not sleeping there to pass by there before going to their own hotel.
>> I see. But then it would require setting up good network connection in
>> the hotel as well?
> Yes.
>> This raises another question: what would be the plan for the Cheese and
>> Wine party, if alcohol is not allowed on campus?
> Hotel as well. Maybe the same space as the regular happy hour, maybe
> a different space.

What size is the community space at that hotel? What is the layout
(empty space, couches, tables & chairs) ?

How much does it cost to rent or can we get it for free if we book as
many of the hotel rooms as possible?
There is no line item for this on the budget estimate at

There is no information on the hotel networks at
https://wiki.debconf.org/wiki/DebConf19/Bids/Curitiba#Network_connectivity .

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