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Re: questions for the Curitiba team

On Wed, Jan 24, 2018 at 08:21:16PM +0100, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> Hi,
> A few questions about the bid:
> There's only one auditorium with more than 100 seats mentioned on the
> page. Is that really it? That worries me a bit: the scheduling will have
> to be done very carefully to ensure that the most popular talks always
> get scheduled in the large auditorium.

Yes. The two auditoriums are very close to each other. the smaller one
is reasonably large already (100), and the larger is HUGE (400+). Based
on my experience from previous Debconfs I don't think we will have
problems: the more niche topics can happen in a classroom, and we still
have 2 large enough rooms for more popular topics.

> > university is only open up to 23:00 (11PM); we will need to have
> > hacklabs at the hotel
> If I understand correctly, the plan would also be to split attendees
> between hotels, so hacklabs at hotels is not really a confortable
> solution. Has the above (closing at 11pm) been negociated with the
> university? (possibly paying our own security staff?)

Yes: based on our last conversation with the UTFPR people, we can
arrange to stay after 11pm. What is not going to work is having people
coming and going after a certain hour.

> > There is an internal restaurant/cafeteria/snack bar
> would it be suitable for hacking the evening hacking with drinks
> (possibly alcoolic)? if not, what would be the plan to provide an
> enjoyable experience during evenings, without splitting into smaller
> groups to go to separate bars?

So alcohol in the campus is a tricky subject: since UTFPR also has a
technology high-school program (so with minors), alcohol is not allowed
on-campus, and that will be difficult to workaround.

Our current plan is to have a happy hour setup (hacking space +
beverages) on the closest hotel so that even people that are not
sleeping there can attend. Our plan A is to use the Nacional Inn, which
is 250m from UTFPR, so it won't be a logistic problem for people who are
not sleeping there to pass by there before going to their own hotel.

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