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questions for the Curitiba team


A few questions about the bid:

There's only one auditorium with more than 100 seats mentioned on the
page. Is that really it? That worries me a bit: the scheduling will have
to be done very carefully to ensure that the most popular talks always
get scheduled in the large auditorium.

> university is only open up to 23:00 (11PM); we will need to have
> hacklabs at the hotel

If I understand correctly, the plan would also be to split attendees
between hotels, so hacklabs at hotels is not really a confortable
solution. Has the above (closing at 11pm) been negociated with the
university? (possibly paying our own security staff?)

> There is an internal restaurant/cafeteria/snack bar

would it be suitable for hacking the evening hacking with drinks
(possibly alcoolic)? if not, what would be the plan to provide an
enjoyable experience during evenings, without splitting into smaller
groups to go to separate bars?


- Lucas

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