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Re: [Debconf-team] Reviewing the rooms list for venue

Le 2017-02-12 à 15:38, Lucas Nussbaum a écrit :
> Hi,
> On 11/02/17 at 14:44 -0500, Louis-Philippe Véronneau wrote:
>> Hmm, yes but only in French. Here's an estimate from what I recall:
>> * D-2632A: ~40
>> * Salle d’exposition (B-2209): ~10
>> * Jardin: ~100 (highly depends on where/how people sit)
>> * Typical class: ~35-40
>> * Vivoir (B-2210): ~200 (depends on how chairs are arranged, maybe a bit
>> more)
>> * Sale de socialisation (D-2660): ~15
>> * Salle Sylvain-Lelièvre: ~500
>> * Foyer: wide open space...
>> * B 5501 D-E-F: 120
>> * Cafétéria: 400
>> That means that our main talk rooms can fit 500, 200 and 120 people.
>> For the hacklabs, I think we have plenty of space with the Jardin, the
>> few classrooms we rent for that, the Sale de socialisation (D-2660) and
>> the D-2632A.
> My only worry is with the hacklabs, where we have:
> * D-2632A: ~40
> * Sale de socialisation (D-2660): ~15
> * Jardin: ~100 (highly depends on where/how people sit)
> * probably one of E2205 or E2212 (your plan says "Conférences et espace de travail") ~35-40
> Usually you can't really pack hacklabs like you would pack classrooms
> (in a typical hacklab, people try not to sit too close to each other).


> How hard would it be to go with the current plan and add a couple of
> rooms during the early days of debconf if we discover that the hacklab
> capacity needs were underestimated? If it's going to be a problem, maybe
> it's better to just add a couple of classrooms, that will always be
> useful to spread the load and provide more space for impromptu BOFs.

It wouldn't be difficult at all. We expect that three classrooms in
E22XX will be available to us if we need to expand that way. People will
also be able to sit in the cafeteria or any other common area in the
College (or outside, even) as long as they don't require a cabled

-- Jerome

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