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[Debconf-team] Reviewing the rooms list for venue

Hi all,

Next Tuesday Louis-Philippe and I will be meeting the venue manager for
what we hope will be the final round of negotiations before we go ahead
and sign the contract.

We intend to raise objections and demand clarification for some of the
harsher contract clauses, some of which were highlighted in a previous
thread, and which we also discussed with a local lawyer earlier this week.

But we will also be reviewing the room list [1], which was also recently
updated to cut back on anything we thought we could do without with the
aim to reduce the rental price. We were able to bring it down by about
8k CAD.

If anyone wants to check out that list, ideas and suggestions would be
welcome, especially if you feel something is missing.

Obviously, I understand it's not straightforward for anyone remote to
get a clear picture, but the planned room functions are labeled and
floor plans are available on ownCloud to help out.


-- Jerome

[1] https://debconf17-owncloud.univers-libre.net/index.php/s/fXi2p3DK0HUHXKt

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