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Re: [Debconf-team] Reviewing the rooms list for venue


On 11/02/17 at 14:44 -0500, Louis-Philippe Véronneau wrote:
> Hmm, yes but only in French. Here's an estimate from what I recall:
> * D-2632A: ~40
> * Salle d’exposition (B-2209): ~10
> * Jardin: ~100 (highly depends on where/how people sit)
> * Typical class: ~35-40
> * Vivoir (B-2210): ~200 (depends on how chairs are arranged, maybe a bit
> more)
> * Sale de socialisation (D-2660): ~15
> * Salle Sylvain-Lelièvre: ~500
> * Foyer: wide open space...
> * B 5501 D-E-F: 120
> * Cafétéria: 400
> That means that our main talk rooms can fit 500, 200 and 120 people.
> For the hacklabs, I think we have plenty of space with the Jardin, the
> few classrooms we rent for that, the Sale de socialisation (D-2660) and
> the D-2632A.

My only worry is with the hacklabs, where we have:
* D-2632A: ~40
* Sale de socialisation (D-2660): ~15
* Jardin: ~100 (highly depends on where/how people sit)
* probably one of E2205 or E2212 (your plan says "Conférences et espace de travail") ~35-40

Usually you can't really pack hacklabs like you would pack classrooms
(in a typical hacklab, people try not to sit too close to each other).

How hard would it be to go with the current plan and add a couple of
rooms during the early days of debconf if we discover that the hacklab
capacity needs were underestimated? If it's going to be a problem, maybe
it's better to just add a couple of classrooms, that will always be
useful to spread the load and provide more space for impromptu BOFs.


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