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Re: [Debconf-team] Reviewing the rooms list for venue

Hmm, yes but only in French. Here's an estimate from what I recall:

* D-2632A: ~40
* Salle d’exposition (B-2209): ~10
* Jardin: ~100 (highly depends on where/how people sit)
* Typical class: ~35-40
* Vivoir (B-2210): ~200 (depends on how chairs are arranged, maybe a bit
* Sale de socialisation (D-2660): ~15
* Salle Sylvain-Lelièvre: ~500
* Foyer: wide open space...
* B 5501 D-E-F: 120
* Cafétéria: 400

That means that our main talk rooms can fit 500, 200 and 120 people.

For the hacklabs, I think we have plenty of space with the Jardin, the
few classrooms we rent for that, the Sale de socialisation (D-2660) and
the D-2632A.


On 10/02/17 05:10 PM, Lucas Nussbaum wrote:
> On 10/02/17 at 11:25 -0500, Jerome Charaoui wrote:
>> Hi all,
>> Next Tuesday Louis-Philippe and I will be meeting the venue manager for
>> what we hope will be the final round of negotiations before we go ahead
>> and sign the contract.
>> We intend to raise objections and demand clarification for some of the
>> harsher contract clauses, some of which were highlighted in a previous
>> thread, and which we also discussed with a local lawyer earlier this week.
>> But we will also be reviewing the room list [1], which was also recently
>> updated to cut back on anything we thought we could do without with the
>> aim to reduce the rental price. We were able to bring it down by about
>> 8k CAD.
>> If anyone wants to check out that list, ideas and suggestions would be
>> welcome, especially if you feel something is missing.
>> Obviously, I understand it's not straightforward for anyone remote to
>> get a clear picture, but the planned room functions are labeled and
>> floor plans are available on ownCloud to help out.
> Hi,
> Are the rooms capacities available somewhere ?
> Lucas
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