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[Debconf-team] deadlines, accommodation and power queries on the wiki.

Hi all,

Are there any deadlines for say till when talks can be submitted, till
when selected and probably put up. While the team may have some
internal deadlines on till when the various stages are completed, as a
potential attendee it would be nice to have some sort of deadline when
the Talks page would no longer be red-linked so people could make
plans which sessions they would like to attend. BOF's are always a
surprise so that  is filled in as and when they take place. I do
understand that it's not an easy choice as you would like to have
Talks to be open as long as possible so more and more people apply
making Debian more awesome, but taking it too long would put probably
put pressure on logistics as well.

About the accommodation part, I have been non-plussed by this statement


. [A typical way to work out mixed genders is to alternate bathroom
genders per floor.]

If you are housing 229 people, (probably 500+ with 2 people in one
room) , how many floors is fuller hall and how many rooms on one floor
to get some idea. That info. would be helpful to have on the wiki.

The power part which is on the same page talks about euro-plus, it
probably would be good idea to have some information about Universal
world wide travel charger adapter plugs as well. I saw
a few at flipkart


but as clueless as to which brands are more trust-worthy than others,
would be nice if some brand names or specific models are shared .
Usage would be laptop and cell-phone .

Look forward to hearing and seeing some of the info. requested on the wiki.
          Shirish Agarwal  शिरीष अग्रवाल
  My quotes in this email licensed under CC 3.0
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