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[Debconf-team] Video team volunteering [Was: volunteering for the debconf by non-locals - queries.]


Please see below request from shirish.

Particularly, it would be useful to clarify on the wikis or places
where volunteers are asked for, if teams are looking for full-time
volunteers only or if part-timers will do (aka a time-requirement per
day/task). This should be clarified at the very beginning.

> Some thoughts on the videoteam -
> For the videoteam form whatever mail archives I was able to read,
> there seem to be 3 rooms in which there would be cameras. Now I do not
> know how many cameras you have but as have viewed many videos of
> debconfs of number of years have enjoyed the most those which had 2
> cameras, one focused on the speaker and the other which had slides, so
> the best would be to have 6 cameras and 3-4 people recording it. The
> one which would be on the speaker would need some sort of mount/lever
> especially during the Q&A to cover 180 degrees between the speaker and
> the audience. This would need good reflexes as well as smooth
> transitions, somebody who knows the camera intimately (not me), while
> the other camera needs to be looked once in a while to see it has not
> shifted from the slide place. Any sudden jerks/vibrations/nudges near
> the camera could off-set it but it wouldn't need to be constantly
> looked through as the one put on the speaker.
> Now there are 3 parts as I understand to how the video shoot will happen :-
> a1. Maybe 2-3 days before the debconf people would be seeing how the
> cameras are functioning and training interns or volunteers as to how
> to shoot as well as tips of what not to do.
> a2. Doing all the wiring and testing that both audio and video works,
> live streams at least to the adjoining halls/rooms if and when the
> rooms are full, fixing what doesn't work or hiring stuff locally if
> needed. I did read that some audio gear would need to be hired/sourced
> locally.
> b1. During the conference just seeing that the locally as well on the
> web the chanels are working properly and if something breaks down
> either to fix it or to pass the message to whoever can fix it.
> b2. Making sure everything is recorded onto tape or whatever media is
> being used and checking once in a while that it is going good. I am
> sure there are tools/scripts which already do this sort of things,
> c1. Editing and post-processing - This would be probably be the
> hardest of all. Somebody would have to do the unenviable job of
> editing, polishing so all the important interactions are recorded
> while cutting away which is unnecessary while maintaining small sizes
> for the final output.
> c2. If there are two cameras in the main conference room, then making
> sure those video streams are synced properly along with the audio
> stream.
> c3. Upload it the archive site.
> Now I'm guessing you would be looking for full-time interns/volunteers
> for a. and b. while c. would take the month, month and a half it
> usually takes for viewers like me to enjoy.
> Now, if I'm selected for the travel and accommodation brusary without
> conditions , as a first-time attendee I wouldn't want to be there
> full-time on the video team. I could dedicate sometime  say 2-3 hours
> but somebody would need to train me as I have no clue about video
> cameras.  I don't know if that works for the video team or not. In
> your shoes, you would probably be looking for full-time interns or
> volunteers and I would probably be a bad choice.  So it would be good
> if you clarify if you are looking for full-time volunteers only or
> part-timers will do ? In fact this should be clarified at the very
> beginning by all the three teams who are on that page. This is not
> told/known anywhere.
> There is another thing if some sort of volunteer training program is
> put up would be helpful to not just people who are volunteering now,
> but also people who would volunteer or try to record mini-debconfs in
> their own country after going back to their country. If somebody from
> the subtitling team would be there, s/he could guide those who want to
> help put up subtitles. This could be named as "Video recording,
> streaming and subtitling 101" or something similar.
> --
>           Regards,
>           Shirish Agarwal  शिरीष अग्रवाल
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